Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

Well, the first presidential debate of this year is over. What did you think?

SWMBO and I agreed (Amazing) that it was pretty much a draw. I thought McCain lost points by his constant repetition of "Senator Obama just doesn't understand" . . . and his refusal to ever look in his direction. But, as far as talking points went, we thought it was about a draw.

Everyone I've talked to since says the same.

But that's good for Obama. (And I might add, good for America) He was ahead and this should keep him ahead.

Let's face it. John McCain is not someone we want for the next president. And, more important, Sarah Palin is not someone we want for the next vice-president. Or, god forbid, the next president.

So let's face it, folks. This year, vote Democrat!


Colonel Colonel said...

It looked like a draw on issues, which is good for Obama, because McCain was supposed to be a clear winner on foreign policy and he wasn't. I thought the demeanor was quite different- Obama looked cool and Presidential and confident. McCain looked edgy and annoyed and very un-Presidential. Apparently some polls indicate that too this a.m., and most national polls give the win to Obama by about 10-15 points.

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, who was pleased with Palin at the outset, wrote this week that she is not qualified and needs to withdraw from the ticket -ouch.

Catalyst said...

CC - Yes, McCain appeared to be barely able to contain his temper much of the time.

I have a friend here locally who says if McCain/Palin win the election, Palin will "retire" in about two years. I'm still not sure she'll make it to November.

meggie said...

I am so glad to see your write that post.
To me, there is something inherently evil seeming about McCain, & the (dare I say) "brainlessness" of Sarah Palin
To say nothing of the sheer terror exhibited by Barbie- er I mean Cindy- at the sight of her husband.

Catalyst said...

Talk about "the gang that couldn't shoot straight", eh?