Monday, October 27, 2008

Sam I Am

Prescott Valley's newest big box store opened last Thursday and judging by the crowds of people flocking to the store it's going to be a huge success.

Welcome Sam's Club, the warehouse outlet associated with the Wal-Mart empire and worthy competitor to the Costco store located just a few miles up the road toward Prescott. As I see it, the biggest disadvantage to the store right now are the lines and lengthy time it is taking to buy a membership. I had done a tour of the store last week and liked what I saw (plus it's closer than Costco to where I live) so today I grabbed a spot in line and waited. It took awhile but finally I had my membership card in hand and went to find SWMBO, who had been touring the store.

Sam's and Costco are very much alike in store layout, merchandise and price but I find the new Sam's Club to be much brighter due at least in part to a great number of skylights throughout the store. I had originally thought it was just more white paint and perhaps brighter lights but another shopper had noticed the skylights and called them to my attention. You can see a number of them in the following photos.

SWMBO also noticed that through the center part of the store the shelves are lower than at Costco, giving good line-of-sight and perhaps contributing to the brightness.

At any rate, it is a fine addition to the town and again judging by the crowds the economic downturn doesn't seem to be having a large effect in Prescott Valley.

Best of all . . . it's pretty much "one stop shopping."


Mike said...

We've had a Sam's Club here for years and my wife goes about 3 times a year. I've been there a few times and I do like the place, but the crowds even now are nuts.

Catalyst said...

I've been a customer of Sam's Clubs in other places in years past. The danger of these warehouse stores is that while the prices are good, you have to buy larger quantities than you might in a normal-sized store. Result? You end up spending a lot more money.

meggie said...

They can be traps for the unwary, I suppose. It would be ok, if there is a group to share the huge amounts I suppose.

Catalyst said...

I think some shoppers do that, Meggie.

Colonel Colonel said...

Ah, my friend, do a little Goggling into how the two companies treat their employees. Sam's Club treats their employees the same way Wal*Mart does. Costco treats their employees well.

Catalyst said...

I've heard that. Yet, they lined up by the thousands to get a job there.