Sunday, October 26, 2008

T. Bone . . er, T. Boone

T. Boone Pickens is a man who has made many fortunes in the oil business.

He is now 80 years old and has changed his tune.

Now, he says oil isn't the answer.

Something he is famous for is the answer: wind power.

The rich windbag says we have to build many huge windmills across our country and link them to multi-million dollars worth of transmission lines to take our dependence away from . . . you guessed it, OIL!

Funny. This happened about the time the stock market crashed, reducing Pickens' hedge fund value by half.

While I favor solar power, wind power and other green sources of energy, I must say: Don't buy this charlatan's message. He is in it for his own pocketbook. Purely.

(This is the man who personally funded the lying, slime-covered Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry four years ago. He says he would do it again. He is an evil man. Reject him.)


  1. Hey. If he thinks he's going to make money that way, and he's going to invest in it, and that's how it gets developed...

    Then I'm all for it, frankly.

  2. OmegaMom - But do you want to support a lizard that uses his incredible weatlth the way he does?

  3. Well even when he was in the oil business, he was a snake oil salesman not to be trusted.

  4. Snake oil salesman - good desription.

  5. I guess his 'non-80 yr old, looking' face, is testament to what money can buy...

  6. Well, Meggie, that may be an older picture but, yes, money can certainly make a change in a person.


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