Friday, November 7, 2008

More growth

This funky little convenience store is doomed.

Yes, the long-familiar Robert's Marketplace will soon be gone.

Some time in early 2009, the little red and white building will be torn down.

But wait! It will soon be replaced. By this:

The new, bigger Robert's Marketplace is being built just to the rear of the present structure. Along with much more space and a quite stylish look, it reportedly will house a pizza restaurant and a branch of the post office.

Meantime, just across the street, another nearly identical building is nearing completion. It will be an office complex housing medical and dental offices, according to owner Robert Hamill.

Hamill appears to have done well as he moves into becoming a real estate baron!

And it's nice to see some new buildings and some commerce finally coming to the "back side" of my town.


Mike said...

Wow. So that's what progress looks like.

I've heard there was such a thing.

Catalyst said...

There you go, Mike. And just what we need: another pizza place!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I've been in that little store a hundred times at least! When my parents lived in Camp Verde we'd stop there for the requisite chips and drinks, so my kids and grand kids could make the looooong haul over Mingus. After all, it was a whole hour to Grandma's house!

Catalyst said...

Yup. The sad part of "progress" is it leaves a little bit of our past behind. I live close to it so I also have been there often.