Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day 2008

Well, he's not technically a veteran . . . but he's ours! That's our grandson, taking a break in Iraq. Don't ask why an Army sergeant is playing with a toy dinosaur. Some wise guy sent him that in a Christmas box, I think.

As for his veteran status. See he served a couple of hitches in the army, visiting such beautiful spots as Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq before getting out. So, then he was a veteran.

But he later decided to go back into Uncle Sam's boys and girls club and he's back in Baghdad. But the latest we've heard is he is about to get rotated back to the states for awhile. He also says he's decided to re-up for another hitch in the Army. So it may be awhile before he's a full-time veteran and can play with his dinosaur whenever he wants to.

In the meantime, let's honor all of the veterans today . . . from all over the world.


  1. I will Second that!
    Handsome man.

  2. Oh, you know, Meggie. It runs in the family! ;-/

  3. Tell him I said thanks.

    He is a handsome young man, but as for that whole runs in the family thing.......

    You are going to have to prove that one Cat.

  4. Mikey! "I am so beautiful!" - Joe Cocker (slightly abridged)

  5. Good wishes to him , Cat . with a history like that he is most certainly a veteran .
    Er, I suspect your current blog photo is from a slightly earlier era ? --Not to say that you are more than likely to still be an extremely handsome fellow HaHa

  6. Not to not say ?? You know what I mean anyhow

  7. Henri - Suspicion confirmed. Well, actually, a much earlier era - early '70's I think. But as we get older we are allowed to live fondly in the past!

  8. With short term memory loss what else is there ? HaHa

  9. Wow! Congratulations Cat! This is truly a Grandson to be proud of. I hope you'll add my name to the thank you list:)


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