Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving photos

This was what it was all about. That's not a turkey. That's a pork loin that's been stuffed with a mixture of figs, pine nuts, celery, cranberries and bread.

Now, she (at her choice) is rarely photographed but the lady on the left, in command position, is SWMBO. Next to her is the BRD and her beau. (He always knows where the camera is!)

A better photo of the BRD. Did I lie?

And then, of course, the beau and the host. (No, really, he actually is younger than me!)

I liked this shot but it looks much better if you click on it. It's a sort of after-the-feast photo.

We all had a marvelous time and a marvelous feast.

Jazz, however, seemed unimpressed.


Mike said...

Nice photos Cat and it's great to get to see everyone.

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Mike, it was a good one. But SWMBO said afterwards it was too much work and she doubts she'll ever do another one.

Kitty said...

SWMBO looks fabulous - she should let you photograph her more! Your daughter is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. x

Colonel Colonel said...

Great photos! I'll bet Jazz would have been more impressed if you'd let her help cut up Wilbur, um, I mean the pork loin.

Catalyst said...

Thank YOU, Kitty.

ColCol - She might have been except she rarely likes human food. She squawls about it in the kitchen but if we give her some, she just turns up her nose. She has catitude.

meggie said...

BRD is very beautiful, it is true. Takes after her mother, I would say!
Give me pork over turkey any day!

Catalyst said...

Thanks Meggie. Many people say the BRD takes after SWMBO. Neither SWMBO nor I have ever seen the resemblance but . . . whatever.