Monday, December 1, 2008


The construction continues to move along on the new Prescott Valley public library. I took this photo this morning. It's a huge building but it's architectural style still leaves one scratching his head.

Of course, this nearby "sculpture", which stands at the entrance to the grounds of the town's public buildings might leave one scratching one's head, too.


  1. Every time I see those modern sculptures, it makes me think I missed my calling.

    One year at Christmas I had to put together one of my daughter's Barbie houses. It looked a lot like that sculpture.

  2. I did recently read a biography of Picasso up until he and Braque invented Cubism. But I don't "get" the inspiration that created that sculpture.

  3. OMG, that library building looks big enough for a Ford assembly line. Are you sure they aren't hiding something about its future? As for the sculpt, that's a fine example of what I've decided to call RustWerke. Go over to Kuhl's junkyard, locate some cool old rusty parts & voila, a public monument.

  4. The new library building also will house classrooms and/or offices for Yavapai College East and I think also an auditorium for town council meetings. So it's not ALL library.

    RustWerke - a good name.

  5. Well I know I'm weird, but I really like that sculpture! x

  6. Weird is as weird does.

    (I have no idea what that means.)

  7. The Sculpture looks rather like the ' famous down under' Aussie Bushranger ( thief ) Ned Kellie's Armoured Helmet -- with attached Antennae of some sort .
    As to the Library -- Where on earth are the Books to be kept if everything is to be glass ?? Impressive building .
    The Rust Werke I like
    Nice shots of your Family too Cat !!

  8. That looks like a place to get some good reading in when it's finished.

  9. Henri - Well, since the sun never shines in Arizona, it's no problem!

    WP4 - Yes, if one can keep from looking through the windows at our "scenery".

  10. I was going to say the sculpture looks like Ned Kelly's helmet, having a bad hair day!
    As to the Library... scratching hard.

  11. Meggie - Y'know I saw that Ned Kelly movie recently and I remember the armor but I can't remember the helmet. Guess I'll have to look again.


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