Friday, January 9, 2009

What the hell is that?

I took this photo a short time ago.

Any one have any idea what it is?

It looks like the fallout from one of those old paper punches on a dusty floor.

Or a mysterious hole into another dimension.

Well, that last one might offer a clue.

Or not.

O.K. Enough teasing.

Here's a more distant look.

Yup. It's the moon over my neighborhood on a crispy cold evening.

But more than that. The Internet(s) tell me it is a Waxing Gibbous moon that is 98% full.

Now there's some information you can use at the bar.


meggie said...

It seems that even though the moon has been walked on, & analysed, it still holds much magic. I never tire of seeing it, & still shiver in the moonlight on cold nights.
Great pic!

Mike said...

Oh great. Where was all of this bar trivia when I actually needed it?

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Your praise far overshadows my efforts.

Mike - What can I say? Always late.

Kitty said...

That picture over your neighbourhood is stunning. There are 8 phases of the moon, from new to balsamic. I'm a sad person for knowing that, aren't I?! x

Catalyst said...

Kitty - I was going to say you should get out more. But maybe you've been too far out! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, your moon looks like a twin of our moon. That's silly, I know. Your moon is over Arizona and our moon is over Germany.

Catalyst said...

Well, that's a coincid . . .uh, wait a minute . . . uh . . . let me think about that.

jgodsey said...

no moon here
just snow...lots of it.

Catalyst said...

I grew up in North Dakota. S'no fun.