Thursday, January 8, 2009


Rumor on the street is that Prescott Newspapers Inc., which prints and publishes the Daily Courier in Prescott and several weekly papers around the immediate area, has laid off 90 employees recently. No confirmation yet but it would not be surprising considering the problems in the industry, the shrinking size of the Courier and the news-stretching going on there. Half a page of new baby pictures? C'mon!


Prescott restaurant operator Barry Barbe has put down a rumor that he's closing his tapas restaurant El Gato Azul. He says next year he may close it for the winter season because the tiny place with a larger outdoor patio is more of a summer restaurant. But he insists it is successful.

Barbe also operates 129-1/2 An American Jazz Grille and has a new interesting looking lunch menu.


President-elect Barack Obama tells NBC's John Harwood he's going to try to hang onto his Blackberry, in spite of protests from the Secret Service and Washington lawyers. He also seemed embarassed by questions about his shirtless photos in Hawaii while on his recent vacation.


Vice-president Dick Cheney told Mark Hollinger of CBS that he's really a warm, lovable sort. He also denies that he called the shots in the White House, saying President George W. Bush always was in charge. I don't know. I just read the Cheney bio Angler and there seems to be too much evidence to the contrary.

Of course there's that old line about politicians: how do you tell when they're lying? If their lips are moving.


In Cleveland: Blagojevich headed for impeachment.

In Washington: Burris headed for the Senate.



Granny J has been kind enough to point out, gently, that Cleveland is in Ohio while the Blagojevich impeachment trial is being held in Illinois, where he is the embattled governor (temporarily). Which is to explain why this is being written in the same color as my face. Sorry, Cleveland.


Mike said...

Many of the newspapers around here make their living from selling ad space to car dealers. Things are not so good along those lines right now. Many papers are on the verge of folding altogether. It's starting to look like a house of cards.

Granny J said...


Catalyst said...

Mike - We just got back from lunch at a nearly deserted restaurant. One of the employees told us it was like that all over town.

Granny J - Oh, for cryin' out loud. You mean Cleveland isn't in Illinois??? (He said, red facedly.)

meggie said...

I am lousy at geography, so don't worry on my account! LOL.
It looks to me as if the fast food industry here is still kicking on! Not that we eat any of it, but the carparks appear full, & the rubbish is still piled up in the streets around about.

Anonymous said...

I know one person who lost his job at the Courier recently.

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Well I should have known better. Unfortunately, I eat way too much fast food.

Dagny - I'm sure he's not the only one. Sad.