Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Smoke, Small Smoke

I'm always amazed at how flexibile cats can be. If the weather is hot, they stretch out on the floor or the bed, with their front paws extended one way and their rear ones the other way. I measured Smoke one time when he was lying like that and he's a good three feet long.

But then, look how small he can become when he finds a perfect place to curl up: in the bottom of a laundry basket.


  1. Smoke makes a neat square cat. I've always been fascinated by how a cat likes to be bounded, by a laundry basket, a box, and, I suspect, even bold lines drawn on a surface,

  2. Cats' bones are not really interconnected.

  3. Even though I am a dog person, I find cats to be extremely amazing creatures as I am sure they would be quick to tell you

  4. We have never had a cat, but they are facinating creatures.

  5. I used a laundry hamper for a portable crib when I had my first baby many, many years ago. Didn't last long.

  6. GJ - Yes, Jazz is famous for squeezing himself into a box or a lid.

    Dagny - I think you may be right.

    QD - Oh they are always avid to tell me!

    Anti-S - Yes, they are constantly fascinating.

    Joan - I'm surprised. Our cats seem to constantly reprise their youthful whims.

  7. Cats can assume the kitten posture, if they deem it necessary!! Wily critters.


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