Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yikes! An award!

Wow! My pal, Malicious Intent, has given me an award! Unaccustomed as I am to public accepting all I can think of is thank you.
Mal says about me: Go there for peace and quiet. Shot posts, lovely pics...nice guy too! And there are not too many places on this planet on-line or in real life to go for some peace.

Proximidade is described as follows. This blog invests and believes in proximity- nearness in space, time and relationships. Nominated bloggers are exceedingly charming, they aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. This blog award should be sent to another eight bloggers and they, in turn, should forward it to eight of their favorites. You should include the text for Proximidade in your blog announcement.

Well, now.

Okay I nominate Meggie at Life's Free Treats. She lives in Australia and has become a good friend, sending me humor and great animal pictures by e-mail. Her blog is a mix of occasional rage at her GOM, great musings on the past, wonderful pictures of the creations in her magnificent garden and more.

Miss Kitty at Kitty's Bloggy Bits in England. She is the master of sock puppetry and loving mother of her two "smalls".

Darlin' Dawn at Twisted Sister up in far eastern Canada. She rants, she rages, she tells great jokes and she's very attractive . . as are her sisters.

Oh mustn't leave out my nearby pal Grannie J at Walking Prescott. She has not let age or emphysema keep her down as she walks the town with her camera close at hand.

And an outstanding poet and photographer, Sweet Lucy at Box Elder in the Brittania region of France. She's a Brit but has lived, with Tom and Molly, in France for some time. Her blog is a marvel of excellent taste.

Oh, just thought of another one. Joan at Charleston Daily Photo. Joan is another expatriate. She's Canadian but lives in South Carolina where she entertains one and all with tales of her adventures and, again, terrific photographs.

Gee, they're all girls so far. Better include a couple of guys. Tombo of Tombo's Blog from nearby Prescott is a self-styled computer geek whose posts run the gamut: photography, food, videos, books, a little bit of philosophy. Always interesting.

And finally there's my buddy Mike at Tongue in Check. He is a great writer, especially considering that he's an engineer in real life. His posts can leave me laughing madly and printing them off to read to SWMBO and e-mail to others. Don't let the photos on his site fool you - -there's a lot more to Mike than the babes.

So there you go. If you don't know all of these blogs, check them out. They're all worth your time.


TomboCheck said...

Wow, thanks Catalyst! :) My first ever bloggy award.

Kitty said...

Thank you Mr Cat! Congratulations on getting it yourself. x

Anonymous said...

I received one once. I thought it was an award, but when I responded, I discovered it was for a reward. Some kind of Scam. Congratulations, I'm sure you are a deserving Cat.

Steve in Germany

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Congrats to you and Thank you from me!
So you were checking out my sisters huh? Oh my.... ;)

Catalyst said...

Tombo - You deserve it.

Kitty - Thank you back.

Anonymous - There are too many scams out there.

Dawn - Ah, Dawnie, you're the best of the sisters, though!

Mike said...

Catalyst, my friend, I thank you and I especially appreciate the fact that you "get" what the pictures are all about.

I have been struggling with computer/internet issues here lately and hope to get back into the blogging world real soon.


Catalyst said...

Mike - I am more than welcome.

Catalyst said...

Wait, I mean YOU are more than

I think.

Granny J said...

Cat-A -- I blush with pride and thank you for the Proximidade. Do I get one of those cool butterflies?

Catalyst said...

GJ - You certainly do. Just copy the entire photo to your site.

meggie said...

Congratulations on your award. I love coming here, & have done for a long time now.
I take your award to me as a great honour.

Catalyst said...

Meggie - A very well deserved honor.

Lucy said...

Aw, thanks Cat! Only just caught up. 'Nice guy' doesn't say the half of it. I might not get around to passing it on but I really appreciate it!

Catalyst said...

And I appreciate you for being there, Lucy. Looks like you had a great visit back home.

Malicious Intent said...

I am sooooo way behind on posts! lol
Do forgive and glad you snagged your award. :)

Anonymous said...

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