Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fry - too high!

Fry's Food Markets are opening a new gasoline station at their store up in North Prescott - at Willow Creek Road just north of Willow Lake Road. I was by there today and was astounded by the prices they are advertising.

Based on those prices, I don't think they'll stay open too long.

But, truthfully, the station isn't completed yet and those figures were apparently just put up to test the signs.

Don't worry, folks, it's not that bad.



  1. Some might think those prices were bad.

    I think they would be absolutely wonderful.

    Come on boys and girls, my bonus is based on those prices. We ain't getting nowhere at 1.70 a gallon.

  2. Hey, at least it isn't $6.66...


  3. Mike - At those prices, maybe they'd be drilling for oil on my mineral rights!

    OmegaMom - SHE SPEAKs! Thanks for checkin' in. And don't worry, it will get there!

  4. We buy petrol (what you call gas) by the litre here. I'm paying around 90 pence per litre (that's $1.27 per litre in your money). You guys don't know you're born - fuel is exorbitant over here. x

  5. Petrol? Litre? Pence? Are those words from "the Mother Tongue?" ;=/

    Those prices are why we live over here!

  6. What I like about that sign is that all prices are equal. A sign of the future?

  7. I keep saying it, GJ, signs of the times!

  8. And I thought New York prices were high!

  9. Never fear, Toni. I went by there today and the prices were back in the $2 range.