Sunday, March 29, 2009


All right.

Here's where I lose some of you.

Maybe all of you.


It's time to talk of politics.

I think Barack Obama is doing a pretty good job as President. Sure, he's not pleasing everyone, especially some of the people who supported him in his run for the presidency. But. But. He can not make everyone happy. When he became president, he learned many things that he didn't know as a candidate. He perhaps changed some of his positions, or some of his actions based on his views during the campaign. But a campaign is not a presidency. So things change. Live with it.

Again. The campaign is not the presidency. The candidate does not know all that he will come to know as president.

So. He is now the president. His decisions have angered some...perhaps many. But he's been president for TWO MONTHS!!!! Give the man a break!!!

And that's all I've got to say.

At present.


Finding Pam said...

I have to say that I agree with you about our new president. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Have a great day! Pam

Malicious Intent said...

Amen Brother Oddball. :)
It is to early to go making any judgement calls when you are handed a mountain of shit and must hire an entire new capable staff. Get them all up to speed, yourself up to speed on just about everything going on in the entire world and then make very quick decisions.

Sure he is going to make good decisions and some bad ones, but at least he is moving forward, learns from mistakes(or bad decisions usually based on bad information.) I have seen more of this president on TV in two months than I did Bush in 8 years. He is apparently going to use the media to talk directly to us and try to be as honest as possible good or bad.

What did we want, a President to just tell us what we want to hear, or a President who is going to be honest and tell us it is going to be hard, but with a lot of work we can fix a lot of things.

Honestly, people are so unrealistic in their expectations it boggles the mind, or at least my mind...seems many don't have much of a mind to boggle.

Anonymous said...

We live with the man that is elected. That's life.

meggie said...

From here, he looks pretty damn good!!

Catalyst said...

I agree.