Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a little water will do, do, do . . .

Here's a photo of the terrain around Prescott Valley. Pretty dry. But you have to remember this is the high desert so dry is in.


Let's pull that lens back a bit.

Oh! What's all this green stuff? Why it's the Stoneridge (aptly named) Golf Course. See what some water and some mowers can do . . . even here in dry, dry, dry Arizona? Did I mention money? Yeah, a lot of money helps, too.


  1. There will be golf courses on the moon yet ;)

  2. And one of the astronauts has already taken a swing or two there!!

  3. That is a rather strange and surreal site in the desert. I bet that costs a fortune to keep maintained. I suspect it is popular?

  4. There are several courses in the area and they all seem to be thriving.

  5. Do you have to pay for your water usage?
    We do, & there is talk of the council raising the price sky high.
    This year our rainfall has been good, but the water catchment areas have little rain- the dams are built in the wrong locations!

  6. Meg - Yes we do but for some reason it's low priced here.

  7. I don't golf, but I enjoy watching Tiger play, thought it is on the TV and not in person.

  8. Same here, Steve, and today he's on the prowl again.

  9. I came back to just stare. I think my law chair should be in the middle of that field, with a nice umbrella, some refreshing mohjitos, some light music...nah no music...just silence. and a cabana boy who is also silent but serving chilled chocolates.

    I am starting to suspect I need a real vacation that does not involve a hospital.


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