Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The BRD loves weird art!

I was over at the BRD's house today to feed her cats while she's away. SWMBO had been there yesterday and asked me if I'd seen the new birdhouses in the backyard. I hadn't until today but here they are.

Now I ask you, would any self-respecting bird deign to enter such a strange contraption as either of those? Although there are entry holes toward the bottom of each of these Gaudi-inspired structures, I hesitate to think a bird would trust either one of them.

But it's just the latest in a constant menagerie of rather strange objets d'art that fill and overflow her home.

This is, after all, the home of the infamous Blue Monkey.

And there's this rather dopey but lovable looking dog . . one of two.

I have ceased to put rhyme or reason to any of it but just enjoy each new item as it arrives on the scene. Actually, it's kind of nice having a step-daughter with such a whimsical sense of art.


  1. Don't know about the birds -- but I kinda like the BRD's art.

  2. I am totally loving the BRD's taste in art - every bit of it is fabulous! x

  3. That birdhouse would make a great hotel for squirrels

  4. GJ - Well, I do too.

    Kitty - "Fabulous" - now that's a great description!

    WP4 - They might be more likely to clamber over the outside than go in.

  5. I LOVE her sense of art. I love the rule breakers, the ones who color outside the lines. In art, rules are meant to be broken and broken often.
    Speaking of art, I got some new art on my back, you have some major catching up to do over at my sight young man, you are way behind...and I don't wanna hear any excuses about crashed hard drives or eye ball surgery. You can read now!

  6. Oooohhhhhh, ouchhhhhhh! I have occasionally thought of getting a tattoo but it would be a tiny one if I ever did. And I probably never will. I'll have to post pictures of my granddaughter's tats some time. I think she, too, is addicted.

  7. I love those birdhouses. I also love the other art! I agree with Kitty, it is all fabulous.

  8. I talked to the BRD in Florida this afternoon and she was surprised by the photos but pleased. She'll be flattered by all of your comments.

  9. Put a few nuts in it. They will come.

  10. Steve, you may be right. Squirrels are nuts about nuts.


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