Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thought you might like to see how I spent my last week of idleness while my computer, (the dirty b--t-rd), was in the repair shop.

I read a lot, as SWMBO was delighted to show.

You will perhaps notice that I appear to be wearing two pairs of glasses. SWMBO was even more delighted to photograph that oddity.

You see, I recently had cataract surgery on my right eye. While we're waiting (and waiting) for the follow-up doctor appointment and new vision prescription, one eye works great, the other one sucks. So I am wearing my reading glasses, topped with a pair of simple magnifiers from the drug store. The combination allowed me to actually make out the words on the page.

Let me tell you, there is truth in all those bromides about "old age ain't for sissies", et al.

Well, let me tell you, there is nothing in such times of woe as the love of a good . . . . . . cat! My pal, Jazz, who cannot allow me to be seated without seeing (there's that damned word again) advantage of a warm lap. I like to say she loves me. But warmth and comfort may be the true meaning of her closeness.

But it doesn't matter to me. At my advanced age, I'll take what I can get.


  1. Looks like you need to upgrade your viewing rig to something a little more high-tech. :)

  2. Tombo - That got a laugh on this end!

  3. Looks like your are doubling your pleasure.

  4. Too funny. See what happens when we lose our computers? We resort to old fashioned books!

    I think Jazz likes you ;)

  5. Cat, do you like thrillers? Brett Battles has his third book coming out in July. He's giving away some Advance Reading Copies. Nothing to do be send him an email. This is his blog:


    I have enjoyed his books.


  6. Steve - Not sure whether that means the glasses or the cat pix!

    I've never read Battles so may send him an e-mail. I used to read a lot of Robert Ludlum and, much earlier, the James Bond books but have settled in on non-fiction of late.

    Dawn - Yes, as someone who used to run a bookstore, I don't read books nearly as much as I should.

    Jazz is a love sponge.

  7. There is NOTHING more comforting in this world than a warm cat in your lap purring...I really cannot think of anything better:) Well maybe if it was my husband in my lap purring.

  8. I don't think I would like your husband in my lap purring.

  9. I want a cat. I am told I dont need a cat, nor another dog. I will just have to share your cats.

  10. You need a cat. EVERYONE needs a cat. Don't let anyone refuse you. You NEED A CAT! Maybe two cats. MAYBE THREE CATS!

    GO FOR IT, MEGGIE!!!!!

  11. Ha ha. I had a couple of cats growing up. They decide when it's time to be "loved". I suspect ulterior motives as well.

    BTW, came to you through Steve's blog, WorldPhotos.

    Very nice blog!

  12. Hey, hey, Rene, thanks for stopping by. Yes, cats are independent cusses but ours can't seem to get enough of us. Except the big gray one who is an inside/outside cat but now that the weather's warmed is spending more time out and about.