Tuesday, April 7, 2009

By the way . . .

Sheesh, I should have mentioned this before.

But I tend to spend way too much time expending crap about myself.

So, today is different.

In 1971, I was a young radio news reporter in Indianapolis. Well, not so young. I had about 11 years experience in the business. But I was pretty naive. I had dreams of being a writer. I mean, a big writer. Like Hemingway. So I answered one of those ads in magazines that said something like "Famous Writer's School" will teach you to become one of the greats!

Some time later, I got a call from a young woman who said "I'm from the Famous Writer's School and I'd like to talk to you!"

Wow! I thought.

But. I said (thinking that this woman had come all the way from Connecticut or somewhere to sign me up) where are you?

She said she was at a local hotel.

I said "that's a coincidence because a friend of mine is playing drums with his combo at that very hotel tonight and I was planning on coming there." So, uh, can we get together there?

Yes, she could. At 8:00 or there abouts.

Well, I hadn't told her that I was working something like 4 to noon at the radio station so I slept in the afternoon so I could go out at night.

I overslept.

But...I got to the hotel about 45 minutes late . . . or so.

She was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a blue topcoat.

I was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a blue topcoat.

We recognized each other immediately. We spent an hour or so while she pitched me. AND let me know that she hadn't come from Connecticut to recognize my talent. She was a local representative.

But I was captivated by her beauty and her intelligence and her charm.




89 days later I married her.

And she has been my love ever since.

Judy (SWMBO) . . . 38 years ago today . . . I love you.


TomboCheck said...

A truly awesome post!

Catalyst said...

Thank you,Tombo.

OmegaMom said...

Happy anniversary! What a great story!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. You and SWMBO have a couple of years on me and the misses.

Granny J said...

A wonderful story! Thanks for including us in.

Malicious Intent said...

That is so sweet! I met my husband and he proposed only 30 days after dating and we married almost exactly a year later. Some folks thought I was crazy, but when ya know, ya know.


quilteddogs said...

Oh, that is just so nice. What a great story!

Colonel Colonel said...

Awwww.... I really didn't see that coming.

And Happy Anniversary!!

Catalyst said...

OmegaMom - Well, thank you too!

Steve - Feels like we've got a couple of years on everyone!

GJ - With blogging, it seems nothing in my life is a secret anymore!

Mal-I - Sometimes you do.

QD - I never did get to be Hemingway so maybe this is my reason for blogging.

Thanks Colonel. Nice to hear from you again.

meggie said...

What a great story!! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Catalyst said...

Thanks Meggie!

Kitty said...

That is one of the best posts I've read in a long time. Many congratulations to you and your SWMBO (does that make you Mr Punch? ;-) )


Catalyst said...

Kitty - I'm not sure but she has punched me a time or two!