Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My new look

More signs of my advancing years. Today, I went in for my first cataract surgery. SWMBO has already had it done on both eyes. Friends have had it done. One friend had to wear "coke-bottle-lens" glasses since birth. After her surgeries she suddenly had 20-20 vision without glasses and was, and is, thrilled.

I'm not so happy but then this is the first day and here is how I look.

Now if I could just get SWMBO to stop hiding my white cane . . . .


  1. You had cataract surgery and still managed to look Cool!

  2. I hope the surgery is a success. Gom has small cataracts but the Specialist says they dont need doing yet. It is macular degeneration that is his problem. My backside muscles get a good workout when I am riding in the car with him!! My knuckles are permanantly white!
    Tks for the email- it only arrived once?

  3. Aw Dawn, you're the one who is cool!

    Meggie - Cataract surgery is a breeze and usually works. Mac D is something entirely different. Have patience....or have him arrested! ;-/

  4. Best wishes for a smooth recovery!

  5. You are still one good lookin' Cat. :)

    My dad had the Laisic (sp?) and loves it!

  6. Thank you Warren but I've nearly recovered.

  7. Oops, sorry, Tombo, you slid by me. Thanks but don't you try to kiss me!!!!

  8. Cataract surgery is the greatest!

  9. I think those shades make you look like one cool cat. Big frames are all the rage, the script sunglasses are similar and I was surprised when my college intern came in one day wishing she had mine!

    Speedy recovery, need those peepers working properly so we get more of your awesome photos!

  10. GJ - I agree completely!

    Mal-I - When I first put the "shades" on, I told the nurse "Hey! Ray Charles got the blues again!"


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