Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Time is here!!!

Winter is over. Joyful days of baseball are here once again. And my Arizona Diamondbacks won at home on Opening Day - 9 to 8 over the Colorado Rockies. Two Diamondbacks - Felipe Lopez and Tony Clark - hit two home runs each and Chad Tracy added a fifth round-tripper to provide the winning margin.

It's a great day! Now everybody sing along!


Anonymous said...

Good for them. The A's lost.

Lucy said...

Hee hee!

Have fun Cat!

Catalyst said...

Steve - There are better days ahead!

Lucy = Thanks, I will.

Malicious Intent said... you too....please no!
For the love of God, I cannot take anymore baseball. Please, anything...biking, mountain climbing, bull riding, chess! ....more.......*ack*

Sorry guys....I just cannot go from watching cars at 200 mph to men scratching their junk and spitting chew for hours on end.

I may go mad this season.

Catalyst said...

Why . . . I believe you're un-American!!!

Malicious Intent said...

No, No...I am very American! So American, that we cannot find the boat we came on.

I just cannot go from fast and flashy to slow like that...I am to HYPER!