Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is curious

I talked on the telephone to my brother last night. It was because of my birthday. We talked for over an hour. It was a good conversation. But we are so different. He is a conservative, I am a liberal. He has become religious, at least church going, I am an atheist. But we still had a good conversation. Strange, how things happen.


Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

It's so nice when you can talk despite your differences. Shows real respect in my book!

Catalyst said...

As one gets older, I believe the edges blur.

meggie said...

Siblings can be so very different, in spite of sharing genetic similarities.
When I spoke to my best friend in Auckland she was quite shocked that her partner has 'found Church'. After 18 years together it is a strange turn!

Catalyst said...

Sometimes the awareness of mortality has an effect.

Malicious Intent said...

My and my sister are vastly different too. She is a country bunkin so she prefers baseball bats where I prefer a more modern chain saw. She likes BBQ's with a big pigs heads on the table and lots of beer and I want a good Sushi Bar with sake. She wants a hunting dog and I want a graceful greyhound. She chops down trees, I hug them.

She goes to church, which I find so funny as she is such a poser and most churches may accidentally burn down if I enter them, so I respectfully stay away cause I know good folks put a lot of their own money into them.

I have children, she doesn't and never should have them. They would only run away from home to me anyway.

Times never changed, I just keep thinking I am either the mail mans or the milk mans kid. And I am ok with that! At least you two talk on birthdays. We don't even have that much going on, not even for the kids.