Monday, April 27, 2009

Big. Bigger. Biggest!

Roberts Marketplace, out here in Prescott Valley, finally got a flag up their brand new flagpole in front of their brand new store recently.

As I gazed at it with wonder, I couldn't help thinking - - is it

a. Advertising . . a banner designed to lure folks in to the store and gas station,

b. A sign of the patriotic fervor of the store owner,


c. A stick it in your eye display that says "Mine's bigger than yours!"


Granny J said...

From gossip I've heard about that Big Flag at the auto dealership on SR69, the Roberts Marketplace is in for a lot of expenses, such as replacing the flag at least once, if not more times, every year.

meggie said...

Good Question!!
As to the expense,.. I would think it might be large for the larger flag!

Malicious Intent said...

A definite "mine is bigger than yours" as ones flag must be in direct proportion with ones flag pole.

Speaking of flags, the vandalism continues. We put our spring/summer flag out and the little (big?) turds that have been destroying property shredded our American flag up the middle, and it was in perfect condition. My husband has always hung a flag at this house. We live in what use to be his parents house and his father served in the service for 30 years, did the first gulf war to. Is the commander of a local American Legion downstate from here.

I am ready to hunt me down some wabbit....or some really stupid teenagers. I am thinking roof, night time, week old eggs baked in the sun and a hose. Yup...that's what I am thinking.