Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pete!

Folk singer Pete Seeger will be 90 years old tomorrow. And he's still singing, playing his banjo and speaking out as an activist.

I had the great good fortune to see him and Arlo Guthrie together in concert in Phoenix many years ago. He (they) were great!

Pete is one of my heroes.

Happy Birthday, Pete, and I hope you have many more.


Lucy said...

Wow, I dodn't know he was still going!

Catalyst said...

Lucy, I think he performed at the Obama inauguration.

Skeeter said...

I didn't know he was still performing. He's quite a unique person.

Great blog,

Best wishes,


Malicious Intent said...

I really wanna be in that photo. Cause it looks so pleasant, happy and simple and there is so little of that around here these days.

Catalyst said...

Hi Skeeter - Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll come by again.

M.I. - It wasn't always pleasant, happy or simple but Pete seems to have had a good time, most of the time.

meggie said...

I didn't realise he was still alive either! We have a record or two of Arlo Guthrie's. I wonder how many people remember Nasa played Arlo's Good Morning America for the Astronauts on the moon landing?

Catalyst said...

I just read that Pete performed with his grandson at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on his 90th birthday!