Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A visit

We had a good visit this week from our friends, Tom and Lana, from California. I've known them for nearly 40 years, since Tom and I worked together at a radio station in Indianapolis. That period lasted less than three years but it formed a friendship that has lasted all these years.

While showing them around our area, I got a chance to snap a few pictures. Here are a couple I took on the courthouse square in Prescott of the statue dedicated to the memory of "Bucky" O'Neill. Taking the photos from different sides of the statue shows the different effects one can achieve.

The next one shows one of the most photographed sites in Arizona . . right up there with the Grand Canyon. It's a distant view of the mountains at Red Rock Crossing, which turns up in many western movies of the past.


  1. Looks like a nice trip around the area. :)

  2. Love the scenery... it's nice to see old friends!

  3. Friends like that are worth so much, aren't they? Glad you had a nice time.

    I like the light side and shady side of the statue ... and the Red Rock Crossing looks amazing.


  4. TC - Yes, we hit Jerome, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon one day; Prescott on a second.

    Dawn - It IS nice. By the way, I loved your foggy photos of the other day!

    Kitty - Red Rock Crossing has been in any number of John Wayne and others movies. It's over close to Sedona.

  5. Hey, it's nice to be able to say you have known someone for forty years. I almost know my wife that long. Almost. I've seen the last photo numerous times. Well not the photo or the area in person, but in films. Would love to visit the area someday.

  6. wp2 - I was surprised when I realized it had been 40 years. Like the expression goes: it just seems like yesterday!

  7. Red Rock Crossing really is a sight to see! Loved the statue too.

  8. Funny,
    I worked in broadcast news for a couple of years, but made some lasting friendships as well. I think the job/business brings folks of a like mind together and the suffering it can bring bonds them.

    Damn, I almost miss those days


  9. Ah, Thomas, don't miss them too much. You may find yourself going back . . . to a new reality that no longer exists.

  10. NICE shots. Like how you caught the Bucky statue in the first shot especially. The sun was certainly playing in your favor there. High noon was it?

    I can see why Red Rock Crossing is popular. Our neighbors told us last night that they may consider moving to Arizona in a few years. Her hubby's company is supposedly building down there and he can possibly go and keep all his seniority. Problem is trying to sell a house right now in this economy.

  11. M-I - Actually it was later but the sun did work for me. I didn't actually get to Red Rock Crossing. It's a rock-hopping crossing of Oak Creek Canyon with those mountains in the background.

  12. Well whatever it is, sure is perty.


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