Friday, July 24, 2009

Here comes the rain!

A monsoon storm is moving through.


  1. Dude, rain...we are having some seriously scary rain and storms right now. To the point I am not sitting in my TV room cause I don't like how this one tree in my neighbors yard is getting blown sitting here watching the radar...don't like all those RED spots moving over our area.

  2. Hey, M.I., what part of Delaware are you in? I just looked at the radar and based on what you said I'd assume you're up in the northern part of the state near Philly. Keep your head down!

  3. Yup, that big blog of red angry crap...that be us...and it passed, finally...but it was fast and scary.

  4. So what happened to today's rain in Prescott, huh? Iwas just getting used to a daily downpour and now the weather gods are taking it all away!

  5. M.I. - SWMBO tells stories of her mother chasing the kids down to the basement when a storm was heading for them in Indiana. Then she'd stand at the front window to watch it!

    Julie - One day it rains in Prescott and not out here and the next day it's the other way around.


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