Friday, July 24, 2009

The Round-Up

O.K. So you don't like my blathering about the rain. All right, then I'll get political again and see if that rouses you.

#1 - Watching the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, I was stunned to view Dina Temple-Raston, who I've heard many times on NPR. She's a stunning woman with great dimples and I predict she'll be on t.v. somewhere, soon. She's also very smart, having degrees from Northwestern, Columbia and some Chinese university. She speaks French (her first language - she was born in Belgium), English (obviously) and Arabic. She's also the author of a couple of very well reviewed books. Watch for her on a t.v. news program soon.

#2 - Dick Cheney was a modern day Attila the Hun. His latest sin was that he tried to convince President Bush to use military troops to arrest the so-called Lackawanna Six - an alleged terrorist group in suburban Buffalo, New York. For some strange reason, W rejected the advice and had civilians take the guys into custody. Word is that Bush loyalists are throwing Cheney to the wolves but who would you rather have the wolves devour?

#3 - O.K. This one isn't political. Heard Terry Gross interview Zooey Deschanel on "Fresh Air" today. Seems Ms. Deschanel was named after the "Franny and Zooey" character J.D. Salinger created. She held off on reading the book until after her high school graduation at age 18 but then found, to her relief, that she loved the character. My friend, RS, loves her and, I think, so do I.

That's enough mental insulin for tonight. Play nice, amongst yourselves. other thing. How come I can no longer adjust the size of my type on Google?


Malicious Intent said...

Bush and Cheney.

All I want to see is just a good old fashioned old school tar and feather'n on the White House Lawn.

Oh, broadcast live on CNN with their head medical corespondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta giving us minute by minute reports of the physical affects the tar will have on their flesh.

I'd be OK after that.

That wasn't too political was it?
Too Malicious? :) I am kinda cranky, cannot sleep...bad headache.

Steve said...

I have no idea who Dina Temple-Raston is. I'll have to do a search.

Catalyst said...

M.I. - Too political? You? Hahahahahahahahah!!!

Steve - I think you'll enjoy what you find!

Lucy said...

I kind of feel sorry for the wolves though...

Catalyst said...

Lucy - Point well taken!