Thursday, July 16, 2009

I exist!

Yes, I am legal once again.

Got my driver's license in the mail today, replacing the one I left in Nevada. (see previous post)

On Monday, I went to the public library, to the credit union, to one of my banks, to Sam's Club, to Costco, to AAA . . . all for purposes of restoring my life to normality. The lady who helped me at AAA had the best line of the day: "Now you know what women go through when they get married and change their name!"

The only place that wouldn't/couldn't help me was the local Social Security office, where I sought to replace my card and my Medicare card. The lady there wanted to see my driver's license and wouldn't accept the confirmation of my application for a replacement one from the Arizona Department of Transportation, even though it carried my name, address and license number.

So maybe tomorrow, I'll go back and get that done. Then it's just a matter of waiting for the mail each day to see what new surprise turns up in my box.

After that episode in Laughlin, anything else in my life seems rather mundane so that's why I haven't been blogging this week. I shall endeavor to snap out of it and improve. Stay tuned.


Granny J said...

What an absolute bummer! The worst part is that your holiday was ruined.

Meggie said...

I can see why SWMBO was upset. Things like that upset me also.
Then there is the 'merry' go round of getting everything replaced.
Makes you wonder if a micro chip at birth would not be eaiser!

Malicious Intent said...

What a pain in the butt when you loose all of that stuff. And they don't exactly make it easy to get it all back these days...not with all of the identity theft stuff going on.
Hopefully in about a week you will be in better shape.

willow said...

Thank God you now exist!

Catalyst said...

Julie - Oh, it wasn't so bad. We had fun.

Meggie - Microchips may be the way to go.

M.I. - Oh, I'm recovering nicely.

Willow - Thanks. I think.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

I'm glad you exist!
You snapped out of it yet?

Catalyst said...

Dawn - Oh, yeah, I did that the first day. And it gives me something to do with my time!

Steve said...

Cat, I hate saying this, but you will probably find the missing billfold between the lining of your suitcase where it slipped unnoticed. Or somewhere like that.

Catalyst said...

I wish you were right, Steve, but I searched obssessively/compulsively/repeatedly with no luck.