Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ah, our trip is over.
Actually it ended two days early, after I lost my billfold.
Along with a couple of hundred dollars, all of my credit cards, all of my identification and whatever.
Let me say . . . we had a great time until then. My pal, Steve, came up from Phoenix and we played craps for several hours and he did very good and I (more conservative) did okay (until I lost my billfold.)
SWMBO and I had a great meal the last night.
And the next morning I said "do you have any idea where my billfold is?"
She didn't. Neither did I.
So the vacation ended.
But I'd go again. In spite of SWMBO's statement: "It will be a cold day in hell!"
Who's the loser here?


  1. Glad you had a good time, but that sucks about the wallet. How was the weather?

  2. 110 and up but that was okay because we never left the hotel!

  3. My second guess was correct. Glad you and the Misses had a great time.

  4. Sorry about the wallet. I hate when that happens. :P

  5. So sorry you lost/had stolen your wallet. What a bummer way to end a trip. Sounds like you had a good time in spite of that misfortune. Good for you.

  6. Bad fortune is good fortune, turned upside down.

  7. OH that so stinks! And all the calls you have to make to cancel everything in your life so no one steals stuff. Argh! At least you have fun until the point. You need a man purse. They are all the rage in Europe!

  8. Actually I have a man purse but I rarely use it.

  9. At least you are man enough to admit you have a man purse.

    I almost forgot my son's birthday today. Boy do I feel like a crummy mummy. Posted last years post. Off to dinner we go.

  10. I read your post but was too touched to comment. I don't think you're a crummy mummy.

  11. Dawn - I don't think she meant it to be funny!


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