Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Adventures of Smoke

I haven't shown you Smoke for awhile after taking him away from my banner (above). So this morning I snapped a few photos in our back yard.

Smoke really does like his picture taken although he looks a bit unsure of it in this photo. The next one shows him in all his glory surveying his world.

A bit later, as we were both resting from this photo session, a dove dropped down for a quick drink at our bird bath. (You can see him better if you click on the photo.)

Smoke noticed him too and thought about trying to catch him.

But the bird flew away, which was just as well. We don't need dove guts and feathers scattered around the yard. And besides. Smoke was really needing a nap.


  1. A cat at peace with his surroundings. Good on him.

  2. Awwww... nice photos! But you need to explain more fully- was this Smoke's post-breakfast, mid-morning, pre-lunch, post-lunch, mid-afternoon or pre-dinner nap?

  3. Steve - Yes, he. is. in. control.

    Colonel - I think that one was post-breakfast. And you're right - cats do tend to nap a lot.

  4. So your birds have no more cat problems than my birds. However, the Max does actually catch poor little lizards, though he's stopped gifting me with them.

  5. Smoke is looking very handsome as usual. Is his marmalade mate still visiting?

  6. Julie - Oh, Smoke occasionally catches a bird and the other night he brought a mouse home to play with.

  7. Meggie - I've only seen Goldie once in about two weeks. And I heard a child calling for an animal recently in the neighborhood. If that is he, his name is Peanut!


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