Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arizona Beach Party!

Now this may seem pretty strange. Scheduling a Beach Party in central Arizona, far from lake or seashore. But never put Prescott Valley down. This one, in the heart of the Entertainment District, is the 4th annual!

So, the first thing you need for a beach party is a beach, in this case created by a number of loads of sand dumped in a parking lot.

From there on, it's whatever you can find. In this day and age, huge inflatable toys seem to be a favorite of the youngsters.

But it's not all for kids. Look what I found.

One thing we do have plenty of for a beach party - heat. More imagination and some water features help cool the mind, at least. This is a miniature golf course.

And there is a radio-controlled boat in a small pool of water.

Of course you could take to the air in one of these RC-control airplanes.

Getting back to the adults, there's also an RV show on site for dreamers.

There were some classic cars on hand too, including this Dodge Hemi.

Seems like that big air scoop would hamper the driver's vision but maybe he just brings it from show to show on a trailer.
At any rate . . . a pretty good beach party.


  1. Ohhh, now that looks like some fun.

  2. WTH is that air scoop conraption all about, for heavens' sake

  3. Steve - Yes, a little fun for everyone.

  4. Julie - I haven't got the faintest idea. Maybe they put the transmission in neutral, rev up the engine and then use the air scoop to roast marshmallows!

  5. I dont understand cars either! I dont want to live in any RV with the problems with Gom! Haha. It is bad enough in a house.
    That whole Beach Party looks like fun though.

  6. SWMBO and I share your objection to living that close together.