Sunday, August 30, 2009

Building update

It's been awhile so I figured it was time for yet another look at the new Prescott Valley Library building.

The brand new building, which will also hold classrooms for Yavapai College East, is due to have its grand opening on October 10th.

Down the way a bit is this fenced-in construction project going on in the Entertainment District. Looks to be a huge building. What can it be?

Ah! Yet another place to enjoy a burger. Fuddruckers also is due to open in the fall.

And I don't have a photo but the Hobby Lobby opened a large store this week and a new Chase Bank is nearing completion.


  1. You think the got the spelling wrong? Drud....... No I guess not.

  2. Looking at the first picture, for a moment I thought that the weird dentist was expanding his practice... but a few more colors would be required for that...

  3. We are getting a lot of slack for our new library...well our old new library.

    No one likes the new design at all. I am waiting to see the inside before passing judgement. The side on the highway is kinda strange even for me...but the side where you park is nice. Stranger yet, they hooked a paramedic bay on the end of it...where did that come from?

  4. Julie - Oh, you'll like it when it's finally done.

  5. M.I. - Yes, some of this new modern architecture leaves a lot to be desired, I think.

  6. Surely reading books does not necessitate a Paramedic Bay?? Must be some racy literature??


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