Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rain for Julie

This was the sky over Glassford Hill this morning, looking from Prescott Valley toward Prescott.

It's looking more and more likely that today there may finally be some substantial rain. Nothing would be better for Julie, aka Granny J. Every time I post some photos of our beautiful clouds in the sky, she grouses along the lines of "So where is the #@&**#! rain?" So I'm hoping that today she'll get something like this in her area.
There's nothing like a summer rain to take the heat off things here in Arizona. So, come on Tlaloc , do your thing. Do it for Julie!


Shortly after writing that I had to drive over to Prescott. As I got into the north end of town it began to rain and it came down so hard there were a couple of vehicles pulled off to the side of the road to wait it out.

Here are a couple of shots I took out the side window and the windshield while stopped at a light.

So you can see the rains have come to Prescott.

But wait!

I said this was the north end of town and Julie lives in central Prescott. The closer I got to her neighborhood, heading south into town, the sunnier and drier it became. I don't think she got more than a few drops of rain. But the weather is still roiling around so maybe she'll get some this afternoon.


  1. Rain for you. Nice. We have had a couple of warm, but dry days.

  2. Steve - So far (12:15 p.m.)clouds and thunder but no rain yet.

  3. Those clouds sure do look ominous...
    any rain yet?

  4. Thank you, than you, thank you, Cat. Your mojo is good today. three, maybe four or five episodes of water falling from the sky today. It never quite erased the rain shadows of the taller pines, but things are still wet out there after five o'clock.

  5. Ah, Julie, don't thank me. All praise Tlaloc!

  6. I love those pictures! It was such a cool wet day and we were in that same downpour at Costco. But when we got home it was dry at our house.

  7. Judy, you know I have a theory that it always rains around Costco but will be dry in P.V. Must be something about the conformation of the hills.

  8. Ever have it rain in your front yard and dry as a whistle in the back? I have and that is some crazy stuff.

  9. Oh, yeah. That seems to be a common occurence down here.


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