Monday, August 24, 2009

The facts - in black and white

You will recall that the BRD lost one of her cats recently. The snow white and blue eyed Emma just disappeared one night and never returned. This is a picture of her visiting our house about 7 years ago. She was shy around us but still bookish.

Well, I knew it wouldn't be long. Not with the animal loving BRD. Her other cat, Sheba, has apparently settled with the loss of Emma or maybe, as I guess cats do, just forgot her after a few days. But one cat just isn't good enough. They are pretty social creatures and they need companionship of their own species. So . . . allow me to introduce the decidedly un-white Jet.

He is about 9 months old and is totally black except for a small smidgeon of white under his chin.
The BRD says he is very friendly and completely unafraid of anything. Still . . . we're hoping she'll keep him an inside cat.


Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

He's a beauty... black beauty!

Catalyst said...

Yes, he is!

willow said...

He's thinking "tasty supper"!

Catalyst said...

Oh Willow do you think so? I just thought he was making scientific observations about the lives of the aquarians!

Malicious Intent said...

OH he is so perty and apparently is fond of seafood. I hope she keeps him inside too. Sometimes it is hard...we have managed to keep our two in. I lost a few when I was younger due to outside "Incidents" and ever since I won't let them out.

He looks like he is going to be a stinker. lol

Catalyst said...

The BRD's beau said he had come into the kitchen about 11 last night and accidentally stumbled into Jet. When he went back to bed, she came into the room, stared him right in the eye, then made a power surge up and around him, clawing his arm and out the door again. He thinks she's crazy. I think he shouldn't have kicked her in the kitchen!