Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just visiting

Goldie stopped by for a visit this morning and to take time to sniff the petunias.

That job done, the sun was getting warm so he sought out a shady spot to rest.

"I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. Demille."


  1. The last photo is exceptional. Everyone should click on it and look at the larger version. Bravo.

  2. Nice photos as usual Catalyst! I think you have a permanent friend. :)

  3. Steve - Yep, for once my hand-held close-up stayed steady.

    Tombo - Thanks, pal. Yes, he's very friendly to me.

  4. Awww! How cute can one cat be??

  5. And, on enlargement, there is Catalyst, complete with camera!!
    Wonderful photography.

  6. Meggie - Well I'll be darned! I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it.

  7. Missing one and mysterious visitor of another. Sorry not been around...we had a really rough week. ER with son beginning of week. Posted about it. Medical system is so whacked. I hate the hospital, but what choice do ya have?

  8. Yes, I read your post. Hope the boy is doing better.

  9. Well no more incidents. Saw the orthopedist, not his feet...he also feels its neurological. Walks like a drunken sailor. Getting hooked up with a new fresh neuro in town with a fresh look on things who actually spends real time with his patients. So gonna give him a spin. Have not heard any bad things yet and we have been referring our new parents to him. 2 to 3 week waiting list, instead of 2 to 3 months like the others. He seems to get our population and it's needs and really wants to help. So, we shall see.

    My son is so severely impacted, such a low IQ, that I am very fortunate that we have not seen anything like this up until I am trying to count my blessings that we made it this far with so little damage when it (believe it or not) could have been a whole lot worse. But then again, I have about killed myself keeping him healthy, happy and in one piece.

    Keep bringing on the pretty pictures. :) I love to come here to see what snap shots you got. You are very good.


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