Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emma, Emma, where have you gone?

Emma is a white cat, with blue eyes.

She belonged to the BRD.

A day or so ago, she was lying on an outdoor couch on the patio. Then she disappeared.

Cats do that sometimes.

Sometimes they feel ill and go off to a dark corner to either heal themselves or to die.

Sometimes they wander off to an open field and become "coyote candy".

Sometimes, they just come home . . . asking "what's for dinner?" and offering no explanation of where they've been.

The BRD is heartbroken. Emma had been with her for many years. We share her sadness.

So . . if you've seen Emma around your neighborhood, tell her to go home.

This photo is not of Emma but it looks like her.


  1. Hope Emma returns home soon. Hope you hear her purr and jump to your feet.

  2. Oh, I have another friend Stomper, who is bereft for the loss of her loved Bertie Wooster. I just hope they both come home!
    Both are too beautiful to lose.

  3. Oh, how horrible. I have another blogging friend who recently had her kitty go missing. They feared it was coyote "candy" as you said. :(

    Hope she comes home. I keep my kitties indoors. I lost a cat when I was young who was an outdoor kitty and didn't get over it for years, so since then I never let mine out. I'm a big baby like that.

  4. Issure hope that Emma returns forthwith. I worry about my Max cat who insists upon spending the early evening outdoors.

  5. To all - It does not appear Emma is coming home. She's been gone since Wednesday night and up until now had never wandered and stayed inside most of the time. Time for a new kitten.

  6. Awe. :( So sorry to hear about that.
    We had a bad animal story today we did not escape the animal calamities either. What is up with the bad animal karma lately?

    Hubby was attacked by a pitbull. I am cooling off being mad at the dog now that it's been several hours, but the owner....not so much.

  7. P.S. rescuing a new kitty helped my girlfriend a lot..and saved a kitty. At first she was going to wait (I think she felt a little guilty going so soon afterwords.) But it really did turn out to be a good thing.


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