Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Prescott Way

Hey, where the angry, raging multitudes?

When Wal-Mart, and then Lowe's, and before them the Gateway Mall, were being built, there was such outrage from the local citizenry about how the mountains were being "scalped" that it even forced a result in a mayoral election. But the same thing is happening again, on the north side of town, and I've heard or read nothing of similar dudgeon. So let me be the one to call it to attention and let the firebrands rage on. This is Centerpoint West, alongside Highway 89-A.

Pretty, isn't it?


  1. And another one bites the dust...

  2. As the earlier efforts to save the hilltops all failed, why bother? The real estate developers/speculators, builders, and big box retailers call the shots around here.

  3. It is amazing how much of the public think that the open space they see will continue to be open space magically and are against spending any money to maintain it.

    Growing up in Prescott I was always amazed that more wasn't done to increase the size of the forest service land around the base of Thumb Butte. We've got many of the same issues in Tucson, of course, as do most cities.

    My vote for the worst use of land in the Prescott area is Glassford Hill. That was a real shame to see the base of it get trashed with not only development, but ugly development.

    [ok, ok, ranting off... *smile*]

  4. Warren - You can rant here anytime! :-)

  5. I was thinking it fair time to don my ranting suit!!

  6. And you, as well, dear Meggie.

  7. I have a tiny photo of me at about age 9 riding bare back and bare foot on a horse with my older cousin behind me in an empty field. On the back of the photo is says "DL with CK, riding on what is now the grounds of Christiana Hospital." It is a massive complex with a level 1 trauma unit, main hospital has 4 towers, seperate labor and delivery building, new heart tower/ new cancer center/ pavillion 1, 2 and 3 surgi centers....I am talking massive. Use to be a huge farm. Use to be.

    When that horror happened with the school house in amish country pa a few years ago and that mad man locked himself up with those girls and shot them all, two of them were medivacted here.

    Pretty you know what they are going to mow them down and put on them? Makes me sick every time I saw a farm go here...are no more farms up here that I know of to see go, they are all down south now.

  8. M.I. - Oh, I suspect there will be buildings and roads and such.


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