Friday, October 23, 2009

Curious as a . . . .

A new visitor has joined our cat crowd. SWMBO liked this rather abstract photo of him peering in through a screen and a glass window the other day.

This morning I spotted him walking very carefully along the top of the rear fence. He's apparently new to such activity because it was taking him awhile.

Smoke, the old veteran, then showed him how easy it was as he strode purposefully and quickly along.

As I've noted before, this black cat is still nervous about me and scampers over to his yard when I come outside.

But today I caught him for a full portrait as he perched on the railing right outside my window. As long as I stay in the house, he's okay with me . . . though on guard to run if I turn the door handle.

Our other visitor, Goldie, meanwhile seemed totally bored with the whole situation.


  1. Do you put food out for smoke or does he eat inside?

    If you set some out, you'll have more visitors than you can count.

  2. I love these kitty capers! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Steve - No, he comes in to eat. We used to feed him in the garage, which has a cat door, and you're right: the visitors were taking over.

    QD - You're welcome!

  4. I really think your cats are quite tolerant to allow these visitors to come so close! I noticed a little Kitty by our back door, & got all excited. The dogs had not noticed, & I hoped it might be my cat had come to me! It bolted away though, & jumped over the fence. Leo made sure to pee in the spot where I had first seen the cat!

  5. Oh, Jazz gets excited but he just wants to go out and meet the new fellow. But since we don't let him out he just has to mew at the door. Goldie lies two feet away and just goes to sleep.