Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kinda yellow

The colors of the leaves continue to change here.

Just after I posted this I happened to read Sadira's blog on her trip up north to see the colors. Obviously she got there at the right time, a couple of weeks after I was there, and she got more color than I did.


  1. Sounds a bit like me... a dollar shy, & a day late...
    Love your pics anyway!

  2. Our leaves are falling like rain. I dumped 4 large bags of leaves this morning at the recycle center. They have a large dumpster set up for leaves and such. I think the dumpster is taken away on 1 November. I'll have to store the remaining leaves until spring. Bummer.

  3. Yes, the leaves are falling here too. Fortunately I'm a renter and the landlord has a man come in to take care of such things. Couldn't you dump your remaining leaves near some neighbor's house and burn them? ;^/

  4. I suppose I could take them out in the woods and dump them. If it comes to that, I just may. Thanks for the thought. Can't get away with burning here.

  5. Speaking of autumn, has Malicious Intent gone into hibernation for the winter? Her fan club misses her at TCA and OFAL.

  6. Have you read Sarah Laurence's post from yesterday? In Maine, they are having leaves AND snow. Gorgeous pictures. Well worth a look.

    We get lots of orange and yellow, but not so much red here. I do love the leaves, but autumn makes me feel terribly melancholy!

  7. A.C. - I think she posted on her site earlier this week so guess she's o.k. or as o.k. as she ever is!

    Bee - No I hadn't seen Sarah's post. Will look for it. Don't be've got Gordon Brown to keep you amused!


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