Saturday, April 10, 2010


63 years ago today, Branch Rickey signed Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson to a contract to play baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson thus became the first player to break the color line as a Negro athlete in the Major Leagues.

I was just shy of my 7th birthday then but I soon became a fan of Jackie and the Dodgers. That lasted for some 50 years, until the Arizona Diamondbacks came to my adopted state.

Jackie was, and is, a legend as he kept his mouth shut and his volatile temper under control in the face of bigotry from his competition and even many of his fellow players. He also became one of the greatest players to ever don a uniform, especially famous for his base stealing feats, including stealing home.

Regrettably, complications of heart disease and diabetes brought Jackson's life to an end at the age of 53. But he will be remembered always by baseball fans.


Granny J said...

It should have been Satch....

joanny said...

Nice Tribute to a great baseball star -- he was so young when he died. My mother was from Brooklyn , but my father was not so a Yankee fan when I was growing up. Fond memories going to some of the games with my father - sometimes Ebbets Field in Flatbush but mostly Yankee Stadium. Racial slurs are so cruel to many.


Ji said...
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