Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mag 9

Magpie Tales originated in the mind of Willow, who posts a photo each week and invites any- and everyone to write a poem, a song, a vignette or a story prompted by the photo. Here's the current photo and what I came up with. You can join in the fun and read more at Magpie Tales.

It was the 1950’s, a much simpler time. Or was it? I had gone to the dance with Johnny Jay, the captain of the football team. Johnny and I had been going together for about three weeks and I just knew it was true love and going to last forever.

Anyway, we were at the dance and Johnny said he was going to go get a soda and he’d be right back. Well, gee, he was gone for over half an hour! I was about to go looking for him when he finally came back. At first I was really glad to see him. But then I noticed something else.

"Lipstick on your collar
Told a tale on you
Lipstick on your collar
Said you were untrue
Bet your bottom dollar
You and I are through
'Cause lipstick on your collar
Told a tale on you."

"Oh, Johnny, how could you do this to me?"


"You’ve been necking with another girl. There’s lipstick all over your collar."

"Huh? Oh, don’t you remember when we were in the car before we came in here? It got a little hot and heavy there and it was just you and me."

Well, a little flush went through me as I remembered that. I was about to forgive Johnny and apologize for accusing him. But then . . .

"You said it belonged to me
Made me stop and think
And then I noticed yours was red
Mine was baby pink
Who walked in but Mary Jane
Lipstick all a mess
Were you smoochin' my best friend
Guess the answer's yes!"

"Oh, Johnny! You’re just a liar! Go on and dance with Mary Jane, I’m going home!

With Karl, who’s been after me all night."

"Lipstick on your collar
Told a tale on you
Lipstick on your collar
Said you were untrue
Bet your bottom dollar
You and I are through'
Cause lipstick on your collar
Told a tale on you, boy
Told a tale on you, man
Told a tale on you, yeah."

(With apologies to Connie Francis, who sang this song in the Fabulous 50’s!)


joanny said...

Oh my -- would I be dating myself if I confessed that I remember that song and recognized it right off the bat? Well I was very very very young and impressionable at the time.

Good take on the prompt Catalyst...


Catalyst said...

Actually, SWMBO thought of the song when she first saw the prompt. I kept thinking of some dark, horrible tale but couldn't put it together and . . well . . the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

I did like your story although I do not recognize those lyrics. (I'll Google the song later.)

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

I'll be back.

THE BEATY said...

ha ha love this story

willow said...

Cute one, Mr. C. Yeah. (oops, I know the song, but I was verrrry young, too)

Vicki Lane said...

Great use of the song as the backbone of your story!

HKatz said...

It was the 1950’s, a much simpler time. Or was it?

I liked the humorous tone to the story; also thanks for sharing the song!

Lisa said...

just days way more than necking. I enjoyed the nostalgia.

Catalyst said...

Diana Maria - Oh, you're WAY too young! :^)

Beaty - Glad!

Willow - I knooooowwww that you were!

Vicki - Thank you so much!

HK - You are very welcome!

Lisa - Ah, yes, nostalgia. "You make me feel so old!"

Tumblewords: said...

A clever take on the prompt - the song is, of course, wonderful! I can hear it now and the story embedded within is perfect.

Katherine said...

Hey there Catalyst.. I remember this song! Very clever indeed!

chiccoreal said...

Catayst: Appreciate how the POV is from a woman's perspective and I like how the woman got the "last laugh". Yes women have collars too! Very liberating! And yes, unlike Willow I do remember that song. I love 50's songs! 50's anything really!

Catalyst said...

Tumblewords - Actually, the writer of that song wrote my story for me!

Katherine - At my age, I guess my memory is an asset!

Chiccoreal - I'm glad you recognized that twist in POV!

Anonymous said...

I remember my mother singing this song. I love the twist at the end... "with Karl..." :)

Book Dilettante said...

Very cute! I know that song. Glad you didn't write that dark horrible tale!

Catalyst said...

Dawn - Good for you!

Book Dilettante - There are plenty of dark horrible tales from the other writers! Glad to know they haven't forgotten their Stephen King!

rel said...

Sounds like you and I went to different schools together!
And so, that song popped into my head immediately, also, when I saw the prompt.
BTW, Genetta returned shortly with espresso and croissants. ;)


Love it, how appropriate to use the song with the photo prompt - a song I know well!!! Very clever indeed.

little hat said...

Wasn't it a great era when radio was king/queen. My god how those songs stick. And how innocent they seem. Nice one Cat. I would have liked to see your black version.

Brian Miller said...

a wonderful mixture of story and verse...quite the turn of events for a few moments daliance. everyone changing dance partners. smiles. great magpie!

PattiKen said...

Oh, that Johnny! First it was Judy, and now it's Mary Jane! She should have never taken him back in the first place.

Nice job.

Catalyst said...

rel - Ooohh, espresso and croissants. Now that's my kind of girl!

Sun Dance Hill - Thank you!

little hat - The black one just percolated in my head for awhile but never got written. Maybe next time.

Brian, thanks a lot!

PattiKen - "Teen love, first love . ." It takes a while to learn! Thanks!

Star said...

I remember that song well and you have woven it into your piece on 'Lipstick' in an accusing way.
I liked it.

Catalyst said...

Star - Thanks!

RNSANE said...

Ah, hot blooded youth! I remember the song well! It's hard being 65 but we did have some great music.

Catalyst said...

RNS - The music is sometimes all we have left.

Peter Goulding said...

I kind of wondered if I was the only one who couldn't get that tune out of my head while trying to think of something to write...

Ji said...

fun and classical!
have a cool Tuesday!

Ji said...

here is mine,
Happy Tuesday!

Catalyst said...

Peter - I guess sometimes it's best to go with the first thing that hits you!

Ji - Thanks!

steviewren said...

Love the 50s vibe! We were on the same wave length...cheaters.

Catalyst said...

Steviewren - Men! They just can't be trusted! ;=>

Suz said...

What a fun Magpie!

now I can't get that tune out of my head

Catalyst said...

Suz - Thanks! With all of the people saying basically the same thing about that song, I'm beginning to wish I had royalties!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Oh I thought of using those lyrics too, but when my memories came back I went with them...Connie Francis, that's who sang it too, now I remember her thanks to your Magpie. I wondered if the red/pink verse would show up! Good tale around the song!

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Pat!

Poetikat said...

I vaguely know this song (a bit before my time), but I like how you tied it in with the piece. Well done!

Catalyst said...

Thank you.