Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At last

The warm weather (upper 70's) has finally arrived and the Mock Roses on the front patio have burst forth in yellow splendor.

No wonder the sun face has a smile. It echoes mine.


  1. Oh wow these are just beautiful! I have actually never seen mock roses before.
    Do they have a perfume?

  2. Send some warmth and sunshine over, Cat, it's bloody freezing here!

    Mock or not, they're very pretty.

  3. It looks like a Lady Banks rose -- which is a thornless rose, but a rose nonetheless. But I'm not sure. What is it, Catalyst?

  4. Now, Vicki, I ain't no dang horticulturist but I asked SWMBO and she said "I don't remember but that sounds right." I looked up Lady Banks rose on the ol' Interwebs and it looks like you're right.

  5. these photos are heavenly beautiful!

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