Thursday, May 20, 2010


O.K. Pick on me. Bad picture. Well, he was under a truck and I had to zoom in and I couldn't hold the camera steady. So it's fuzzy. I will do better in days ahead.

BUT. This is Blacky Detroit. He started visiting but he was very nervous, at first. I called him "Blacky". Gee, I wonder why. Then one day I encountered our neighbor and asked her if he was her cat. She said he kind of visited but that he was all over the neighborhood. I asked her what she called him. She said "Detroit". So. He has become Blacky Detroit.

He sleeps on a chair in our garage from time to time and he has become very much tamer. He talks to us and he allows himself to be petted. Loves it, actually. And he indicates an interest in coming in to the house. But . . . uh, uh. We have two cats in the house already and Jazz has indicated he WANTS NO PART OF ANOTHER CAT! When they have encountered each other on opposite sides of the screen door, Jazz puts up an incredible scream that chases Blacky Detroit away. Slowly. But he goes.

But, all in all, I feed him in the garage and he seems relatively happy. He comes back from his forays with scratches and scars and I suspect if he was "fixed" and allowed inside he would become a very tame house cat. But he will have to remain . . . just a visitor.


Katherine said...

Somehow Catalyst I think he may just become an eternal know the kind I mean...the kind that comes but never wants to leave. I think Blacky Detroit has a good thing going there....Why leave????

sheri... said...

i'm sure glad you had such nice things to say about blacky detroit because, because by looking at his photo he doesn't appear to be the friendly type at all! i like it that you care for him like you do instead of scaring him away...what a gracious host and good samaritan you are!

quilteddogs said...

What a good guy you are! I love these cat stories.

Suz said...

That's how I got three cats....
good luck...but he'll be in by winter
It is very hard taking a good shot of black cats...their eyes seem to dominate the photo
You and yours are good souls for taking care of this wonderful animal.....I could do no less

TomboCheck said...

You do have a way of attracting the felines. :)

Meggie said...

Having just adopted our Morty, I feel sorry for Blacky Detriot's position in the household, with your resident cats.
Because we had 'mere dogs' Morty reigns supreme, & has astonishingly fitted in really well! Leo welcomes him as an energetic playmate, & Honey tolerates him as a 'delinquent, who will learn'! Hah, As if!
I do think Cats Rule.