Friday, May 21, 2010

Go Green with Diversity!

Miller Valley School in Prescott had a big day today as two large murals painted on the school were dedicated. Retiring Superintendent of Schools for the District, Kevin Kapp, told me there were two themes - Go Green, and Diversity. Youngsters from the school had a parade to the dedication site and were praised by several speakers.

There were costumes and large papier mache sun faces to celebrate the big day.

Several students who participated in painting the art works stood by as proud parents took pictures of them.

It certainly brightens up that corner of town.


Steve said...

Some talented kids there.

Meggie said...

It is all brilliant! Love it!

Jerry said...

And this is a nifty, meaningful project made even more so that the kids had a choice in the matter. Working together and celebrating the accomplishment. A round of applause.

sheri... said...

what amazing and beautiful work they've done here! i love that they were given the chance to show off their talents, something that will last for a very long time in the hearts of people who will have the chance to see it!
thanks for sharing something so inspiring with us :)