Monday, May 17, 2010

Keeping watch

I'm on alert . . .

And I see you!


sheri... said...

oh yeah, showing off your new camera again...i know you're going to tell me you shot this from a mile away, right?? honestly, i am so green with envy, catalyst! your photography is simply stunning and i can't wait to see lots, lots more of it!!

Suz said...

My absolute,hands down, favorite garden bird!
good photos...did you catch him singing?
Oh I love the songs of the robin

Catalyst said...

Yes, Sheri, I will be showing off for some time. But it's the season when the robins get strident so I walked to within about 15 feet of him/her and he/she never flinched. Telephoto took care of the rest.

And, Suz, no he wasn't singing. He was doing his angry warning chirp, over and over again. Robins are bold, strident protectors of their territory, their nests and their eggs and young ones in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I've got robins in my yard but I keep missing the opportunity.