Tuesday, May 18, 2010



sheri... said...

wow, this is gorgeous!! not of my choosing, the jewelry tv channel is droning on and on, wearing me down with its offerings. it's funny though, i immediately thought of a native digging away and discovering this treasure on some unknown island! i am hoping you'll share the origins of this lovely piece...perhaps found in a glass factory's refuse??

willow said...

I adore glass. This is beautiful. The Titanic Exhibit is in Columbus right now. I've gotta go visit. Thanks for reminding me!

Suz said...

Oh my...beautiful

joanny said...

Glass is beautiful even in a jagged state - still looks like a work of art,, sad though it is from the once majestic Titanic.

Have you seen the exhibit I wonder?


Catalyst said...

Sheri - It is indeed from a scrap pile at a glass factory in Oklahoma.

Joanny - Oh, I didn't mean to represent it. See my answer to Sheri. I only slugged it "Titanic" because I thought it resembled an iceberg. Sorry. And no I haven't seen the Titanic exhibit.