Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh! Those toes!

I have a friend who answers to various names - Cin Bob, Sin-Bad, Cyn, or just plain Cindy.

She has a habit of showing up with a great paint job. Here's the latest iteration:

I tend to make a big thing about this, for which I've been accused of being a foot fetishist! Well, I admit nothing but to Cindy . . I dedicate this song. (And, by the way it's better if you pause the video, then click on it to make it bigger.)


  1. had never heard of michael franks before but the song is perfect for your miss cindy! those toenails give me a glimpse into how much fun she probably is!!

  2. nail polish is cool!!! :) nice song to go with it!

  3. Love the paint job and the song!

  4. What fun toes! Loved the music.


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