Monday, May 10, 2010

R.E.D. for Granny J

One of my inspirations as a blogger is Julie, known to one and all as Granny J. One thing I have learned about her is that she loves the brightest of bright reds . . which she amplifies as R.E.D.! So, having seen and photographed two very red cars recently, I dedicate this posting to her.

There is something about a bright red car that draws the eye.


  1. you are so right but i have a feeling i would love this little beauty even if it wasn't red :)

  2. I would feel too obvious in a bright red car, myself, but these certainly are beauties!


  3. my dad told me to never buy a red car. He said they always look faster than they really are. He said he thought more tickets were given to red cars than any other!!

    My car is blue!

  4. thank you, sir, for your kind comment in regards to my magpie tale...i was so tickled that someone actually got it!! perhaps it is your sense of humor that has endeared you to me? i'm not quite sure yet but i can promise you i'll hang around until i do know ;) have a good one, my friend!

  5. Thank you ever so much, Cat! Those are not only fine motor cars, but that is a lovely, bright, shiny R.E.D!

  6. timmer - I asked the BRD, who has a bright red 83 Mercedes. She says it's not true.

    Granny J - You are ever so welcome, Julie!

  7. red is hot,
    enjoy your ride!

  8. Everybody knows that red goes faster! Racy Red! Love these cars...i took a photo of a black car, not all that dissimilar to these ones on the weekend. It looked so cool! Nice cars to cruise around in.


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