Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring on the Square

You can tell when spring has truly arrived and is heading toward summer. Not just because of the blue skies, sunny days and mild temperatures. But because the first arts event is taking place on the Square. That's the courthouse square in the center of Prescott.

Lots of vendors under their tented roofs displaying their art. You can see the courthouse through the trees.

I walked around a bit but after my trip to the Highland Games (yesterday's post), I didn't have the stamina to continue. One interesting booth had a loom set up to weave rugs like those displayed in the booth.

And can you guess what this fellow is marketing? Take a good look at his hat.

That's a replica of a humongous head of garlic clove and he was selling all kinds of garlic products.

Nice day.


sheri... said...

very cool but i have to admit that i was surprised by the lack of green on the are in arizona, are you not??
i've only been to an outdoors art fair once in louisville, st. james, i believe. it was fascinating to see how many different ways people could express themselves through art. much like blogging, taking the time to put your craft into words instead of canvas or loom.
by the way, i sure do like you new profile photo, very nice!

Catalyst said...

Sheri - There are many different Arizonas. We live in Prescott Valley, which is at about 5,100 feet above sea level. Prescott, 8 miles away, is another 200 to 300 feet higher. Flagstaff, around 80 miles from us to the northeast, is about 7,200 feet elevation while Phoenix, about 80 miles southeast of us is at 900 feet elevation. The trees will leaf out but it's been a late spring.

Thanks, re the new profile picture. It was taken just a couple of weeks ago.

Jerry said...

I really enjoy events such as this. To me it is peaceful to wander around and talk and touch and always learn something new.

Catalyst said...

Jerry - They are very enjoyable and Prescott has a number of them at the same location through the summer.

Katherine said...

Is that man wearing a big garlic on his head! Very funny!
I love fairs, fetes, expos & such. Looks like a perfect day to me!

Catalyst said...

Well, Katherine, it's a big garlic HAT. But it is a big one - kind of like a elephantine elephant garlic head.

Chhaya said...

its summer here in India and its insanely hot!!!!


that seller with the garlic head was pretty amusing! i m sure no vampires hang around this market ;)

Catalyst said...

Chhaya - I don't envy you your heat or your humidity.

And . . no vampires in sight.

Steve said...

Cheese heads are from Wisconsin. Where are Garlic heads from?

Catalyst said...