Friday, July 23, 2010

Blackie Detroit video!

My pal, Blackie Detroit, makes his video debut. He kept wanting to rub against my leg but who wants a wet cat to brush up on you!


Suz said...

he's a rather handsome feline
give him a break
all he wants is to mark you as his

Catalyst said...

Oh, yeah, I know what he wants!

Meggie said...

He is lovely! I would love to give him a pat.
He doesn't really look wet?

sheri said...

can't blame a cat for trying, now can you??? he's determined, that's for sure!! i can't tell which was more fun for see him try to rub against you or to see you dancing, trying to avoid him? that was some real fancy footwork, catalyst :)

Catalyst said...

Meggie - Actually he was just damp. He'd been outside darting between raindrops.

Sheri - Hahaha!