Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monsoon skies

The monsoon has finally arrived over the past week in Arizona. These pictures don't give you a real good idea of the way the storms fill the skies but you can see some thunderhead activity here.


  1. i absolutely love cloud photos, my picture folder is full of them! and they are especially nice when they're signaling a much needed drink to this parched land of ours! glad arizona got a drink, wish we could have more than an occasional mist :)

  2. I am enjoying all the clouds and rain! Did it rain while you were having lunch at the Asylum? I love to sit up there on the side of the mountain and watch the storms pass over the valley below while I enjoy a meal and beverage. Lucky friends you have!

  3. Judy - It didn't rain while we were having lunch but just after as we were heading down the hill toward the C-towns. Nice day.