Monday, July 12, 2010

Mag 22 explanation

This, my friends, is a red herring.

A red herring is defined as "a deliberate attempt to divert attention."

And that's what this sentence is: "The old magus actually timed out everyone's summer."

In fact . . . it doesn't mean anything. However, if you extract the first letter of each word in the sentence, you will see what the devious author was up to: T O M A T O E S


  1. WHAT! we were scammed!
    you devil.....:)

  2. ohhhh... makes so much more sense now!

  3. Ha ha! Fooled again. And we found so much meaning in the words. The wily old Magus!

  4. You trickster you....adore a good mind twister now and then Joanny

    Greek mágos "magian"/Magician the older word for a practitioner of magic the term 'magus' acquired a negative connotation and was associated with tricksters and conjurers. This pejorative meaning survives in the words "magic" and "magician".

  5. Sly. Very sly. I wouldn't have caught it on the first go around. Well done. Red herring, indeed!

  6. haha!! that was absolutely genious!!

  7. looks like you might have to get quite a few of those 'clueless' awards to pass around because i truly did not get it until now. should have known you were up to something...

  8. So you are the Magus! Thanks for the fun cloak and dagger gueesing game!


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